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How I got started...


In 2002 I started selling my dips at local art and craft shows on the weekends and I thought it would be a part time I sell every weekend at the Mesa Market Swap Meet where my loyal customers come back time and time again to stock up on their favorites!

I offer 20 gourmet flavored dip mixes, no-bake cheesecakes, bread dipping oils, spicy dips, bagel and cracker spreads and more....

In 2005 I started making my ceramic dip chillers and butter crocks but since closed my ceramic shop and I no longer hand make them.These crocks are a genius way of keeping your dips, salsa, guacamole and cocktail sauce chilled and fresh for hours and butter crocks stay on the countertop and keep your butter soft and spreadable.

Support local and small businesses, like me, and buy hand made items when you can.

Stop by my booth in Mesa or see me at local craft shows here in AZ and if you love my dips as much as I do, then tell all your friends and family about my delicious dip mixes so they can get a-dip-ted too!

Thanks  ~ Carla


My Story

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